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About our company

Scientific and Production Company was established in 1993.

All products of company Testplay are manufactured for customers all over the world and protected by patent RU 2032230.

Testplay covers all stages of production, including: research, development, production, patenting, licensing and product sales. Our production always passes multistage state expert examination. Its level is confirmed by the official signature stamp “Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine”.

Our special pride is learning tools for reading, writing and mathematics – “SMART BLOCKS + WRITING TRAINER”. This efficient and simple tool, which promotes learning of writing in 2.5 – 3.0 times quicker taking into account the natural sensitivity (sensory) and motility of the child's fingers. The learning tool is developed by acknowledged experts R. Gladushyna and A. Gladushyn. It is issued in 12 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Jewish, Hindi, Arabian, Byelorussian etc. Its total production has exceeded 8 million copies.

Testplay is the first to use the non–matrix technology of formation of thermoplastic and technology of drop focusing at covering colored images on a volume surface in production of maps with panorama effect. These unique technologies expanded and gave new prospects in use of maps with panorama effect in following directions:

Panoramic interpretation allows reflection of a real–volume landscape of 110 mm high and to transfer the effect of visual perception of the bird's-eye view. It is a real breakthrough in decorative technology of industrial art.

The maps with panorama effect produced by our company are on the same level with elite globes in terms of combining functionality and style of interior subjects, cognition and beauty. Universality and stylishness of maps with panorama effect are proved by the following current clients::

For the first time production of unique Maps with panorama effect “Russia and neighboring countries” has been mastered. It has absorbed the newest technological innovations. The greatness of Russia fascinates with its perception of a live landscape from the North Pole to the Tibet! The boundless open spaces and the developed infrastructure reveal huge Russian potential.

The company Testplay has a professional team. We value our clients and want them to be satisfied with our products, thus we kindly consider all their comments and opinions about our products.

The price policy of Testplay is defined with understanding between our partners’ interests, who work in such areas: sale of office furniture, design and decoration of office and public residential buildings, VIP souvenirs and gifts industry, company presentations and advertisement.

We enjoy doing our work!

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