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“Donetsk Region”
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Donetsk Region

The map with panorama effect “Donetsk Region”, Version “Office” harmoniously combines the abounding nature, prolific climate, environmental assets and industrial envelopment.

The visual perception of the Donetsk Region from the bird's–eye view unexpectedly changes your imagination about this region: that is not just a coal–mining area of Ukraine, but a rich land with its soft landscape and harmoniously developed infrastructure.

Just imagine you are near Debaltsevo — that is the highest point above sea level — and slowly look everything around.

At once you can see three zones of this relief — the Donetsk range, the Priazovsky hills and the coast of Azov Sea.

The Donetsk range is quiet slightly wavy height that is parted with river valleys ravines and beams in all directions. In some places the height reaches 350 meters, but even such a height promotes an active colliding of the north's winds which bring the aroma of hot steppe grasses, and colliding the winds blowing from the Azov Sea, which obtain the sea air. To its edges the range loses its modest height and grows together with surrounding valleys. And only to the river Severskij Donets it breaks to its abrupt cliffs, showing the chalk mountain to the west of the town Slavyansk. The resort in Slavyansk is known for its curative mud and salt lakes, and also the cleanest mineral waters. Along the Severskij Donets stretched out the oak groves, plenty of pine forests with the water meadows and bogs.

The characteristic landscape of Donetsk Region is characterized by terricones surrounded with rushing feather grass, sunflowers and wheat fields. You feel a long–lasting smell of thyme and wormwood, and a high transparency of air and a clear reach of distant sounds. On the flanks of beams ripen fruits of brier, you can find hawthorns there as well. Among clover fields, sunflowers and buckwheat look beehives of standing apiaries through. Beekeeping is in good repute among inhabitants of this region.

The dynamical urbanization of the Donetsk Region has not influenced on the sincere love of inhabitants to gardening. Passing the roads along the settlements, you can see growing cherry–trees, apricot–trees, apple–trees, pears–trees. Nice houses, gardens, kitchen gardens look reliable and well–managed. Working settlements are often located within direct visibility, therefore at night the Donetsk steppe is not silent and is not covered with a continuous gloom; the light is shining through the windows of cozy houses, sounds of youth music can be heard, and the gnash of the cars loaded with coal and metal is audible.

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