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Map with panorama effect
international class G09B, Version “Folio”


The map with panorama effect “Afghanistan”, Version “Folio” combines strict style with elite style, compactness with spontaneity, traditional cartographical depiction of the landscape with the amazing bird's–eye view image.

Imagine yourself being in Kabul, peer at the direction of Kandahar, Herat, Mazari–Sharif, Jelalabad. Take a view of Afghanistan from the bird's–eye view of the mountain ridges of Tajikistan. And little by little you understand the politicians' strategies of the XX century when the “Iron Curtain” along the well–known river Pjandzh, the way through which Europe was opened by drug dealer, was established.

And absolutely differently, regularly and not fussy the Afghani Mountains are looking through from the side of Kara Kum's sandy barchans of Turkmenistan. Different rhythm of life, different problems…

From the tops of the Iranian mountain ridges opens the look from the West. You look stops on the natural relief gap — the immense saline soils of Gaudi–Zirra and the heated desert Registan which absorb the whole water flowing down from mountains till the last drop.

And absolutely a mysterious and inexplicable feeling when you in your thoughts are standing on the highest top, the Nanga Parbat (8126 m) on which bottom the legendary river Indus begins.

The uncountable mountain rivers, carpets of the blossoming poppy, the sharp mountain ridges… To live and to be in this country is a destiny.

Just now, 25 year after, will be revealed the true reasons of the events in Afghanistan (1979 — 1989) when from Europe was hidden that horror of mass delivery of drugs from the uncontrollable country. And even this fact was often hidden because of ideological reasons and confrontation between West and East; we should remember about destinies of millions children rescued from drug slavery.

The paradox of the history: today the world community from the name of the United Nations tries to make something we have begun 25 years ago.

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