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Map with panorama effect
international class G09B, Version “Folio”


The map with panorama effect “Armenia”, Version “Folio” combines strict style with elite style, compactness with spontaneity, traditional cartographical depiction of the landscape with the amazing bird's–eye view image.

Everyone who looks at a panoramic landscape of Armenia can experience a real immersing in the world of the beautiful creation of the nature. Imagine yourself being at the bank of the river Araks, which is not far from Yerevan, and you can feel the bible greatness of the mountain Ararat (5165 m) against floating clouds. Look to the right — before you will appear the mountain Aragaz (4090 m) with the raging mountain streams, which smells of wild almonds and on the bottom is covered with carpets of red poppy. Glance over the landscape from the Shahdagsky ridge — the contrast can surprise you here. On the one hand you can see the mountain rivers which flows rush downwards in the direction of green plains, on the other hand — the glance of the blue glass calm of the lake Seven is like a baptismal for.

Of course you can recall in your memory that the Christian temple in Echmiadzin was among the first ones to be built. Everything here has a contrast like the Armenian character — a combination of a southern emotionality and a quiet wisdom.

Change your place of look so that you can see Armenia from outside Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia. It is impossible not to be proud of this nation that among such powerful neighboring lands could not just defend the national originality, but also to be the first country, which officially confirmed the Christianity more than 1700 years ago.

Looking at the panoramic map, the new generations of Armenians can probably for the first time in their life see a part of the land of their ancestors, which was described in the ancient Armenian epos, and located on the opposite side of Ararat. When the sight stops on the lake Van with its good for agriculture and cattle breeding coastal plain, than the historical memory genetically appeals to the unity of all Armenians for the sake such a terrible crime, as a genocide 1915 — 1922, let not happen.

The effect of the direct visual presence opens the door into the house of each Armenian family. Both adults and children can feel the spirit of the historical Native land, spiritual relationship with a national nurse; it gives the understanding of the sources of origin of the Armenian culture and civilization; it gives an opportunity to see from the bird's–eye view green pastures, proud, snow–covered and thrown up in the sky tops of the Caucasus mountains; you can hear a silent splash of waves of the lake Sevan and noise of streams of the mountain rivers. Everyone can be proud being a part of this great hardworking nation.

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