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international class G09B, Version “Standart”


The map with panorama effect “Azerbaijan”, “Standard” — Version combines strict style with elite style, compactness with spontaneity, traditional cartographical depiction of the landscape with the amazing bird's–eye view image.

The visual perception of Azerbaijan from the bird's–eye view bewitches with the richness and beauty of its landscape. Imagine yourself being on the highest top, mountain Basardjusju (4 466 m) and look thoroughly over a real–volume panorama. You can find yourself being on the top of a mountain chain on a ridge of the Big Caucasus, and the hilliest block smoothly goes down to the Caspian Sea.

Here the ocean of grass is stretched out in the floodplain of the rivers of Kur and Araks; you can see the silent lakes with crystal–clear water, the quiet coastal lowlands at the Caspian Sea with its rich flora. And in the distance the proud, flied out in the blue mountain ridges of the Small Caucasus with its rash and noisy small rivers are looked through. The mountain ridges abound with deep gorges, steep rocks, breakages and hollows.

Azerbaijanians always were famous for its skilful soldiers and for many centuries it was successively built defensive mountain fortresses on all mountain ridges. Such a strategy has allowed to defend the ethnos of this nation and to keep the original ancient culture.

The generous nature and the fertile land combining with the diligence and persistence of the people always has endowed Azerbaijan with an abundance of the fruits, which the zealous owners are simply obliged to take out to the endmost lands of the earth and to sale them. The whole world knows that the Azerbaijanians were put the art of trading since their childhood. The century care of merchants and traditional hospitality was expressed in the constructions of the caravans–sheds that were built on the most important trading ways.

Azerbaijan amazes with its contrasts — sea subtropics of Lenkoran with its tea plantations and spacious steppes with its abundant grain fields and boundless cotton fields, a forty–degrees summer heat and almost a northern winter of Nakhichevan, the Alpine meadows of the woody mountains Karabah and the blossoming gardens of Cuba.

The breathe of spring in Azerbaijan is always marvelously — everywhere is felt the warm sea air filled with the aroma of steppe grasses and deciduous woods; at the is heard the singing of birds. Along the coastland there are a lot of bays and islands, rushy shallow lakes.

Nights shine the lights at the seashore — fishers and oil workers work all the time without stops.

The map with panorama effect “Azerbaijan” opens the door into the house of each Azerbaijan family. Both adults and children can feel the spirit of the historical Native land, spiritual relationship with a nation nurse, pride being a part of this great hardworking nation.

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