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The map with panorama effect “Crimea”, “Standard” — Version combines strict style with elite style, compactness with spontaneity, traditional cartographical depiction of the landscape with the amazing bird's–eye view image.

For the first time it can be possible to see a real–volume landscape of the Crimea from the bird's–eye view. The half–island in a miniature displays the nature of the whole planet — seas, rivers and lakes, woods and steppes, mountains and plains, falls and gorges, chernozem soil, wide open spaces, semi–deserts, seaside beaches. The Crimea means sunny days, tender warm sea, shining beaches, air sated with salt of the sea and needles of the wood mountains, grasses of steppes, curative mineral sources and lakes.

Let's look around from the highest point of thee Crimean mountains — Roman Kosh (1 545 m). The northern (steppe), foothill, mountain South zones of Crimea are visually allocated.

Let's glance over the northern part of Crimea. 2/3 of the half–island takes a plain steppe with its salted coastal sites of the gulf Sivash. Rustling grasses and grain fields, boundless gardens and vineyards, a variety and an abundance of vegetables and southern fruit allow comparing this region with a magic tablecloth.

Settled on the plain town Evpatoria is absolutely influenced by the action of warm damp winds from the Mediterranean and the winds that bring the aroma of grasses from the hot steppe. Curative mud lakes, flat sand coast and the warm sea provide the best conditions for treatment, resort and holidays.

And now we will glance over the Crimean mountains that consist of three parallel ridges (the Main, the Internal and the External), which have abrupt southern and flat northern slopes. The extent of the Main ridge from Sevastopol to Feodosija is over 180 km and the breadth is over 50 km. We see that its highest splash is in the East — the Kara–Dag (557 m), and in the West — the Aj–Petri (1 301m) — the most impressing top of the south part of the Crimea. Behind the main ridge, towering over the southern coast of the Crimea, rest in silence the ruins of once prospering towns. How organically look the modern villages surrounded with gardens and vineyards next to them!

The southern coast of the Crimea represents a narrow exotic line of subtropics. In the area of the town Alushta the Main ridge changes a direction in the east and breaks up to a number of the hills forming mountain sheep pasture.

Here there is a–tent–like solid Chatyr–Dag with its top Eklizi–Burun (1 527 m).

The sea air which is drunken by the aroma of coniferous and deciduous woods, over 2 200 hours a year of bright sunlight, magnificent parks and squares, nice resort–houses and hotels glorified Yalta — a resort of the world value. So–called Big Yalta is stretched along the coast from the Bear–mountain in the east to the settlement Foros in the west. It unites Massandra, Livadija, Koreiz, Gaspra, Simeiz, Gurzuf and Alupka.

The Crimean Mountains is a surprising and mysterious world of the caves. In general there are more than 800 karst caves, mines and wells in the Crimea. The beauty of the Marble cave, which is an amazing nature sanctuary, will leave nobody indifferent. Just the mountain Chatyr–Dag numbers135 underground cavities. And all this is among the uncountable gorges. But do not be deceived by the abundance of the mountain rivers: actually many of them remind streams, they are very rapid in the time of downpours and they are shallow in the summer.

The town Feodosija is separated with the mountain Tepe–Oba from the sea in the South. In the summer the breezes blowing from the sea, pass through this mountain and make as though anomaly of a breeze, it means the breeze blows from the mountain, from the land. The wind passes over the heated–up mountain, therefore it reaches the town being already dry, and that is pleasant for sea bathing.

The town Kerch is near the channel between the Crimea and the Caucasus. All the time compete here the atmospheric influences of the land and water spaces of the Black and Azov seas. Therefore, the air in the summer is impregnated here with the sea moisture that comes from the east, from the side of the Caucasus.

More than 600 resorts and hotels will help everyone to enjoy the climatic, landscape and speleological resources of the Crimea.

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