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Map with panorama effect
international class G09B, Version “Standart”


The map with panorama effect “Ukraine”, Version “Standart” combines strict style with elite style, compactness with spontaneity, traditional cartographical depiction of the landscape with the amazing bird's–eye view image.

The visual perception of Ukraine from the bird's–eye view depicts the new sides of beauty and attractiveness of this landscape. When you view the panoramic depiction of the volume relief of mountains, hillocks and valleys you get a real picture of the richness of this land.

Here, in the West of Ukraine the picturesque Ukrainian Carpathians with its highest mountain top 2 061 m (Goverla) are rising. They amaze with their smoothness of forms and absence of sharp tops. Here rustle fur-trees and fill air with curative smell of barrois, grasses, which are covered with green carpet of meadows, smell sweet. Soft winter, warm summer, rash mountain rivers with falls, springs with clean mineral water together and majestic century woods show the fabulousness of this region.

And from the East stretches out the Steppe of Ukraine with its dominating Donetsk range. It is a classical quiet landscape with a plenty of river valleys, beams and steep banks. On the slopes of the beams ripen the fruits of brier. In steppes rustles feather grass, there is a smell of thyme and wormwood; everywhere you can see green groves, well–groomed fields and blossoming gardens. You can feel the high transparency of the air and even insignificant sounds are from apart clearly audible.

The blue color draws your sight to the Black and Azov seas. The Crimea, a world famous paradise land, looks from the side of the sea through. The half–island in a miniature displays the nature of the whole planet — seas, rivers and lakes, woods and steppes, mountains and plains, falls and gorges, chernozem soil, wide open spaces, semi–deserts, seaside beaches. The Crimea means sunny days, tender warm sea, shining beaches, air sated with the salt of the sea and needles of the wood mountains, grasses of steppes, curative mineral sources and lakes.

Through the whole of Ukraine, from the north to the south, flows free the grey Dnieper. The breadth of its riverbed changes reaching in some places 600 m. Here there is the variety of water basins, well–known Dnieper steeps and reaches with wild ducks. The biggest river of Ukraine keeps the historical memory of the origin of Kiev Russ, the formation and development of Zaporozhka Sich, and the industrialization of the modern Ukraine.

The effect of the direct visual presence allows to experience with the mind and soul the harmony of the nature of Ukraine, confirms the spiritual beginnings and economy, judiciousness and hospitality of the people. The country with such a potential have a big future!

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