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Annotation for learning tool

  • take into account the natural sensitivity sensory memory and fingers' motility of child's hands
  • automatically exclude wrong placing of letters in words (turned or in inverted image);
  • prepare children for mastering of writing, correct pronunciation of sounds;
  • form the skills of counting, secure the rules of simple mathematical operations;
  • develop visual memory.
für Lesen
for reading
für Mathe
for mathematics

The learning tool “SMART BLOCKS + WRITING TRAINER” was developed by the acknowledged specialists R. Gladushyna and A. Gladushyn. The learning tool is produced in 12 languages. It is patented in 17 countries of the world. Since 1992 the total production has been exceeded 8 million copies.

The size, construction and design of the bricks take into account the natural sensitivity (sensory memory) and a motility of child's fingers. The learning tool helps to intensify the attention and to reduce a fatigability of eyes. The construction of the bricks’ connections excludes mistakes, which can be done by a child forming a word. The quantity of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and mathematical operations provided take into account the quantity of their use and provides a large quantity of compound words and mathematical problems.

The learning tool is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Advisory council of the basic education of the Russian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education and Science of Belarus, the Belarus Academy of education and National institute of education of Belarus, Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan, the Ministries of Education and the leading pedagogical centers of China and India.

The learning tool is effective, compact and easy–to–use!

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