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Learning technology of writing
Тренажёр для письма

The letters on the plate
should be outlined
with the pen 3–4 times.
Тренажёр для письма

After outlining the letters
a child should write the same letters
into the copy–book.

Principal of functioning of the “WRITING TRAINER”
Тренажёр для письма A child runs
with a pen on the relief lines
of the sensory plate.
Тренажёр для письма

The dirty parts of the relief plate
can be washed with a soap and brush.

The effect of the “WRITING TRAINER” is based on sensory and acoustical (sound) analyzers in addition to visual analyzer, using Montessori sensory method.

A child perceives letters as sensory and acoustical (sound) analyzers

The learning tool is effective, compact and easy–to–use.

Using the learning tool promotes learning of writing 2.5 – 3.0 times quicker! In comparison with the traditional early learning materials the “WRITING TRAINER” excludes a wearisome repeated mechanical re–writing of letters from traditional manual books in a copy–book. It reduces the fatigability of eyes.

The learning tool is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Advisory council of the basic education of the Russian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education and Science of Belarus, the Belarus Academy of education and National institute of education of Belarus, Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan, the Ministries of Education and the leading pedagogical centers of China and India.

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