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Playing and didactic characteristics of the learning tool

For reading
1 Learning of separate sounds, graphical analysis of print letters Klugen Bausteine
2 Learning of syllables Klugen Bausteine
3 Word building Klugen Bausteine
4 Building of sentences Klugen Bausteine
5 Building of sentences with punctuation marks Klugen Bausteine

Letters and punctuation marks are put on the bricks. The learning tool includes 36 bricks, with connecting bases. The design of the bricks automatically predetermines the world building in strict compliance with the character of reading from left to right.

The chosen size, construction and design of the bricks take in account the natural sensitivity (sensory adaptation) and a motility of child's fingers. The game helps to master reading quicker and promotes a right pronunciation of sounds.

In the course of reading pronunciation and visual images are joined by motorial images, when a child connects bricks with letters to build words; their active synchronization is put into effect. It helps to develop visual memory.

For mathematics
1 Comparison of numbers and lengths Klugen Bausteine
short — long

Klugen Bausteine
small — big
2 Combinations of numbers Klugen Bausteine
3 Operations with numbers Klugen Bausteine
4 Plus or minus Klugen Bausteine
5 Place a number! Klugen Bausteine
6 Place a sign Klugen Bausteine
7 Comparison of heights Klugen Bausteine
short — long
8 Comparison of figures Klugen Bausteine
thick — thin
short — long
9 Towers Klugen Bausteine
wide — narrow
10 Learning of harmony Klugen Bausteine
Klugen Bausteine
11 Comparison of spaces wit the equal breadth Klugen Bausteine
smaller — bigger
12 Number stairs, horizontal harmony Klugen Bausteine
13 Number columns, ordering Klugen Bausteine
short — long
high — low
14 Passages Klugen Bausteine
wide — narrow

Mathematical symbols printed on the bricks are for learning by children at the age from 3 to 9.

The learning tool forms Counting skills and simple mathematical actions, and also it develops understanding of length, quantity, area and volume of subjects.

The learning tool is effective, compact and easy–to–use.

The learning tool is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Advisory council of the basic education of the Russian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education and Science of Belarus, the Belarus Academy of education and National institute of education of Belarus, Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan, the Ministries of Education and the leading pedagogical centers of China and India.

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